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Immediately prior to and after any of our rentals, all of our vehicles go through a rigorous and thorough cleaning and disinfection process by experienced professionals using the industry’s best tools.


Get your van delivered to you at your location at a time convenient for you. Avoid traffic and the hassle of going out of your way to pick up a rental van. We will deliver your van rental to your location fully fueled, fully disinfected and cleaned ready to ride.


We offer experienced and professional drivers if you need them.  Friendly, professional and knowledgeable drivers to help you every step of the way.


24/7 Access to pickup or drop off your van at a location convenient to you. Because you may need to pick up a van at 3am or leave the van at an airport at midnight, we have you covered.


No limit, no problem. Drive as far and put as many miles as you like. Never worry about over milage fees. We have special unlimited miles packages designed just for that.


Our vehicles come with 24/7  Nationwide Roadside Services that provide the extra security you need to have a worry-free experience.

Jump starts – Flat tire changes – Lockout assistance – Fuel delivery – Breakdown assistance – Towing – WE HAVE YOU COVERED!


Passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Rental: Safe And Convenient

Why rent a luxury 9, 12 or 15 passenger Sprinter Van? These vehicles offer a superb form of transportation for groups. Our passenger van rentals combine versatility, safety, luxury & convenience:


Our Sprinter rental vans are all High-Roof and you can easily stand up even if you are 6’ tall.  All the passenger rental vans have huge windows giving which combined with the high roof offer a open and airy transportation option.

Easy to drive

Mercedes-Benz truly builds an amazing van with an amazing driving experience unlike any other van manufacturer. Ask anyone who has driven standard transit or standard sprinters and they will all tell you the same. Mercedes is head and shoulders above the other van or large vehicle manufacturers.  Within 15 minutes of renting and driving these Sprinter vans you will feel like you are in a much smaller sedan.


Manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, one of the world’s leading luxury automakers, a Sprinter Van offers remarkable luxury.

  • Big Screen TV
  • Person Charging Ports
  • Leather Captain Chairs
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Upgraded AC/Heating
  • Upgraded Entertainment System

Rent one for an upcoming family road trip, then add additional Sprinter Vans if the number of participants increases. Religious organizations, tour sponsors, sports teams, corporations, entertainers, and many other people all appreciate these spacious vans. If you’ve considered searching for “van rental Los Angeles” services online, you’ll want to stop at Legends Van Rentals / Sprinter Rentals USA.

Review our excellent selection of vehicles accommodating up to 15 people in comfort and style. You’ll discover a multitude of reasons to choose a beautiful Sprinter Passenger Van as your next rental selection. The ease of driving a passenger van makes the Sprinter an especially popular choice for group travel. We offer these vans for rent with (or without) a chauffeur. If you’d like to combine the affordability of a group rental with the prestigious cachet of a Mercedes-Benz product, you’ll want to take a close look at these stylish vehicles!


Customers also appreciate the remarkable convenience of the luxurious Sprinter 15 passenger vans. The lovely tailored black interior trim creates an impressive cabin decor. With top quality air conditioning, these vans provide a refreshingly cool environment for anyone traveling on hot days in Southern California or across the USA. Arrive at a destination comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Passengers also enjoy both a built-in TV and generously sized van windows.

Passenger Van Rental Customers

The customers who rent our outstanding Mercedes-Benz 15-passenger Sprinter Vans come from a variety of different settings. Whether you require a dependable vehicle for a specified period of time to commute in Inglewood, or you anticipate a road trip to see attractions elsewhere, we offer a great choice! Consider how well these rental vehicles serve people in several situations:

Religious Organizations

Today numerous religious organizations participate in a variety of spiritual and community events. Do you need to transport a Sunday School group to a weekend recreational camp? Or perhaps you’ve decided to convey a party of local spiritual leaders to a conference or a retreat? Our excellent 15 passenger vans offer an excellent way for people of faith to travel.

We supply robust maintenance to ensure our fleet remains in excellent condition. These dependable vehicles serve the needs of a wide array of religious and charitable organizations. When a congregation plans to send a group to a distant destination by road to volunteer their services, we offer an excellent rental choice. Yet we also serve a variety of local needs, too. Hire a van and a driver to meet visiting brethren at an airport. Or use one of these vehicles to taxi volunteers to and from services and events. You’ll discover many congregation building advantages when you offer group transportation.


An unfortunate part of life can be made slightly easier by traveling in large groups using our vans and drivers for complete convenience

Tour Sponsors

Our elegant, fully air conditioned, Sprinter Vans seem almost custom-made for tours. This part of California offers a great selection of interesting landmarks and attractions. Small groups love traveling in style to see significant sites in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and other locations in Southern California. Since this region played such an integral role in the history of the modern motion picture industry, tour sponsors enjoy a chance to take Sprinter Van tours to different locations virtually every day of the week! Tourists also enjoy visiting Los Angeles landmarks and cultural events. For example, some tours transport residents of Inglewood in small groups to casinos, restaurants, art galleries, and more!

Our fleet of vans furnishes scalable convenience. If a tour receives a larger than anticipated level of participation, sponsors simply add additional rentals to accommodate the enhanced level of interest. Fledgling tour companies especially appreciate this form of “van rental Los Angeles” because they can begin booking a tour with for a small group and add seats in increments as more people place reservations.

Sports Teams And Fans

Both coaches and team boosters appreciate our comfortable 15-passenger Sprinter Vans. One (or more) of these vehicles provide excellent transportation for football, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, sprinting, and volley ball teams. Due to the generous height of the vans, basketball teams especially appreciate our rental fleet! Athletes arrive at events refreshed and ready to excel when they travel in comfortable vehicles.

Fans also welcome our well-maintained 15 passenger vans. Families and friends caravan to attend team events in comfort in these plush vehicles. Instead of making detailed plans to obtain individual parking slots at unfamiliar venues, team boosters and other fans planning to sit together at events enjoy carefree transportation to (and from) games. The size of the van facilitates an easy head count before the return journey.


Today businesses frequently need to rent comfortable transportation for small groups. Many firms in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area participate in trade shows, conferences, and job fairs. These businesses appreciate the availability of luxurious transportation for groups of employees attending an event. Additionally, many companies offer promotional tours for the benefit of vendors, customers, and prospective associates. Firms in these situations realize the vehicles they utilize potentially impact the impressions they make on others.

We offer clean, in-demand 2017 and 2018 Sprinter Vans. Companies frequently request these sleek, attractive 15-passenger Sprinter Vans for corporate events. Whether someone plans to shuttle employees to a weekend retreat or transport out-of-town visitors on a property, our fleet won’t disappoint! Our Mercedes-Benz vans support a cutting-edge business profile.

Entertainers And Audience Members

Today bands and musical performing groups sometimes charter buses to transport them to engagements. A van with the capacity to carry up to 15 people offers an appealing travel option in some cases. Talented entertainers and musicians relax in comfort on the way to a performance in air conditioned surroundings when they select a 15-passenger Sprinter Van; some creative people tackle the stress of pleasing audiences more effectively after a carefree journey.

Reserving one of our Sprinter Vans to transport a small group to an event such as a concert, a theatrical performance, a film premier, or a night club permits some Inglewood residents to enjoy a “night on the town” in comfort. Customers who select a chauffeured vehicle avoid many headaches associated with attending live performances. They don’t need to search maps to discover the best route or walk long distances in the dark in unfamiliar places returning to a parked vehicle.

Further Information

Would you like to receive further information about the awesome rental vehicles available through Legends Van Rentals at 204 Hindry Ave in Inglewood, California? We maintain branch offices in a number of cities. Call us today at 888.329.1898 to schedule an appointment to preview our selections, or to place an order. We look forward to serving you!

A dependable vehicle can make getting from point A to point B a lot simpler and more convenient. If you have to transport a group of individuals at the same time for any reason, then you may want to rent a vehicle that’s bigger than a standard car. A passenger van may make a smart and sensible option for you. Passenger vans are able to comfortably accommodate higher numbers of people simultaneously. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to rent a passenger van for a day of leisure and sightseeing. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to rent one for a trip to a family reunion out in the countryside, either. Our full-service transportation company can cater to any and all of your requests.

Passenger Van Rental Options Available to You

Our local company has quite an extensive fleet. We present our customers with an abundance of choices in modern, safe and dependable passenger vans. If you’re looking to rent a smaller passenger van that can manage roughly 10 individuals at a time, we have superb options waiting for you. If you’re looking to rent a passenger van that’s bigger and that can handle as many as 15 individuals at once, we have you covered! Our smaller passenger vans can be a strong fit for people who are planning relaxing and laid-back tours of towns and cities. Our large passenger vans for rent, on the other hand, are optimal for lengthier excursions.

Luxury Passenger Van Rental and Contemporary Amenities

Our available passenger vans can be fitting for people with all kinds of needs and preferences. If you’re interested in renting a van that has the coziest seating arrangement around, just say the word. If you’re interested in renting a van that’s especially capacious for baggage storage purposes, let us know that as well. We’re proud of the fact that our fleet is so expansive. It’s how we can give our customers access to the passenger vans that are best for their specific requests and situations. We can present you with passenger vans that come with everything from tinted windows to large cargo space vans for rent.   If you want to be able to nap and take it easy during your ride, a passenger van that comes with tinted windows may be the way to go. If you want all of your passengers to feel cool and refreshed during your ride, dual air conditioning units may be right up your alley.

The Advantages of Investing in Luxury Passenger Van Rental Service

People have so many incentives to turn to us for our passenger van rental service. Renting a passenger van, first of all, can get you on the fast track to pure convenience. If you don’t want to have to deal with the hassles of public transportation, renting a van and a driver can do you a world of good. It can be a logistical nightmare to have to take charge of a group of people who need to all go to the same place at the same exact time. If you rent a vehicle, you can streamline your situation and make things go a lot more smoothly.

Renting a passenger van can be terrific for groups that want to be able to relax and decompress for a little while. If you rely on public transportation, then you eliminate the possibility of being able to nap or participate in relaxing and laid-back discussions with others. You eliminate the possibility of being able to daydream as you stare out the windows in an air-conditioned space as well. If you want to revel in tranquility and modern ease, then there aren’t many things that can compete with our passenger van rental choices. Call our team at any time to learn about our vehicles and their many features. Set up an appointment for a van rental service as soon as you get the chance.